About Boldface Creative

Founded in 2002, Boldface Creative is a multi-discipline creative services agency. Our partners combine their diverse experience in print, web development, film and environmental design to provide a rich range of graphic design and creative services. In 2010, Boldface Creative also added marketing services to its capabilities. At every step along the way, our partners are aware that their design decisions impact our customers's business be it through the usability of their website or the understandability of their sales materials.

Having worked for small e-commerce start-ups and for larger corporations like Harte-Hanks and Prodigy, our partners have years of experience with marketing, Web and application design, graphic user interface design, corporate identity systems and more. Boldface Creative prides itself on quality, budget-minded design services for all levels of business. If you don't look good, we don't look good.

Thoughtful, creative design can shape the way in which people perceive your business and products. Boldface Creative can help.

Our Team

Matt Krabbenhoft received a BFA in Design from the University of Texas. He began his career designing covers and book jackets for a small Austin-based book publisher. Later, Matt joined FundsXpress, an Internet banking service provider, designing Web sites for community financial institutions throughout the U.S., sales collateral, advertising campaigns, and trade show graphics. He was also responsible for designing the user interface for the company's Internet banking product, experimental Web-enabled ATMs, and other online financial services. During his career, Matt has had the opportunity to provide design services for clients such as J.P. Morgan Chase, PULSE EFT Association, and TGSLC. In his spare time, Matt builds and designs modern art coffee tables and furniture.

Michael Warren has a BA in Art and a BFA in Design from the University of Texas at Austin and has received his MBA in Marketing Management at LeTourneau University in Austin. Michael began his career designing print ads and cards before joining the Design program at UT. Later, he was employed with a major direct marketing company and had the opportunity to work on Web-based applications for many Fortune 500 Hi-Tech companies like IBM, Microsoft, Sun, Dell, Phillips, Tivoli, Lotus as well as the U.S. Post Office. Afterwards he joined an online financial services provider and designed web sites for several community banks and credit unions across the country before being asked to join the team that was responsible for designing the financial services portal and Internet banking applications. Afterwards, Michael began freelancing and eventually teamed up with two fellow designers to form Fat Hat Design, Inc., now Boldface Creative. Additionally, Michael teaches marketing management at Concordia University Texas's MBA Program.

Jeremy Newman received a BFA in design from the University of Texas at Austin. Throughout his studies, he worked for an Internet Banking company designing Web sites and marketing materials for financial institutions across the country. Upon completion of his degree he transitioned into the Texas film industry, designing and employing web-based technologies, improving both internal and external communication and processes.