Advance Restaurant Finance
ARF's site is a simple, but elegant solution. Imagery was added by randomly presenting the user with a different restaurant related image in the header on each page.



Integrated Bank Technology
As a successful and growing company, IBT was ready for a change. Their site had grown organically with the company and needed some TLC. We helped them refocus their branding and improve both communication and marketing opportunities on their home page. At the same time, we streamlined their site navigation and made it easier for customers and prospective customers to find the information they needed.


Matt Sitra Homes
In 2000, Matt Sitra Custom Homes, Inc. was started. Since then, Matt has completed numerous projects, both large and small, in the Austin area. Matt wanted to create a web site that showcased his outstanding work and which could also function as a communication channel with his home owners. Boldface Creative provided a simple and elegant design and developed an access-restricted area where Matt can share photos, site notes and updates with his clients.


R-M Land
RM Land is a rapidly growing company that manages hunting leases throughout Texas. Their growth was so explosive that they realized they needed a website to help distribute information on their properties...AND QUICK. We designed and built their site in a matter of weeks and had them online in no time. 



Seedling Foundation
For more than a decade, the Seedling Foundation has been dedicated to supporting public schools through building community and to making a difference every day for our schoolchildren. Seedling's site contains a lot of information, and Boldface Creative worked with Seedling to reorganize the site and make it more accessible. We brought the navigation to the top, standardized their page layouts, and installed a content management system for them.



Teknotics offers server monitoring for small and medium size businesses. They wanted an site that was not like most technology companies; loaded with greys and blacks. We took advantage of the colors in their logo and went for it. We love it when clients aren't afraid of color.




Vintage ITS
Vintage offer managed IT services for small and medium sized businesses. Using color gradients, we accomplished the clean design they wanted. Using the silhouettes lets you complete the picture in your mind.




Carlson Desktop Solutions
Carlson's software enhances exsiting CAD software like AutoCAD. We developed his logo and website design. The design was kept simple and header image reflected the type of software the company develops with the use of a wireframe sphere.



Kipp-Flores Architects
Local architectural firm, Kipp-Flores, had an aging web site and wanted to bring their online presence into the 21st century and to put more focus on their impressive portfolio. So, we cut through all the clutter, minimized the design and let the photography do all the work.



MetaClin Research
MetaClin, a clinical research firm in Austin, TX was looking to establish a web presence and enhance their branding.


ScholarCardz is a discount card program started by Boldface Creative. The site is meant to target the school organizations that are wishing to utlilize a fundraising program that cost nothing to set up and provides a 40-50% commission on each card sold.


strataTX - a giving group of the Texas Cultural Trust, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, bringing together young professionals to support creativity in the arts, cutlure and economy. StrataTX wanted to make better use of their home page for announcements and to improve the accessibility of their site.



The Ambrose Company
The Ambrose Company focused on improving the business of software by aligning business, IT, and management on software projects through their training programs. Boldface Creative designed their hexagon logo which also provided the basis for their web site design and the color palette.

VisionEdge Marketing
Vision Edge Marketing is a marketing research company that we have had an extended relationship with for several years. They wanted to update their site, enhance their brand while building a site that is very content driven. We brought some focus above the fold with a large banner with large role-based links to improve accessibility.